SFP-ZAPA on AGICOA's board for the fifth time

14.12.2023 ZAPA
SFP-ZAPA on AGICOA's board for the fifth time

At the AGICOA General Assembly in Geneva on December 12, 2023, SFP-ZAPA was once again elected to the Board of Directors of AGICOA - an international organization protecting the rights of audiovisual producers. On behalf of our organization, Sylwia Biaduń - Deputy Director of SFP- ZAPA - will serve as a member of the Board of Directors. Dominik Skoczek, director of SFP-ZAPA, has become a deputy member of the board.

The term on the board of directors is the result of our long-standing policy in the field of reemissions and in our relationship with a key partner. AGICOA manages a global repertoire, including major U.S. studios. In 2023, operating in 48 markets, it directed nearly 152 million euros in payments, protecting more than 1.6 million works and more than 23,000 rights holders from 89 countries.  

Entry to AGICOA's board depends on the size of the collection and the scale of the payments made to producers. SFP-ZAPA is among the top three AGICOA member organizations in terms of both cable and satellite reemission collections and payments to its rightsholders - Polish producers.

Sylwia Biaduń has worked at SFP-ZAPA since 2003, having made a significant contribution to the development of all departments of the organization. Currently, she is responsible for the work of the divisions: foreign cooperation, producer service and repartition and author service. Previously, she was in charge of negotiating contracts with key users, business analysis and research, and headed the producer service department. She holds a degree in sociology from UW and a postgraduate degree in intellectual property law from UJ. With many years of management experience and knowledge of the specifics of collective management in Poland and abroad, she has held similar positions in international copyright protection bodies for years.

A seat on AGICOA's board of directors is a confirmation of SFP-ZAPA's long-standing achievements and our commitment to regulating the re-emission market in connection with the EU directive so-called sat-cab2," Sylwia Biaduń said after the election. This has resulted in record results in this field, which makes us a world leader and, above all, secures a stable, significant source of revenue for our eligible customers.