ZAPA protects producers

SFP-ZAPA - Polish Filmmakers Association - Association of Authors and Audiovisual Producers is the right organization for collective management of copyrights. We operate on the basis of a permission from the Minister of Culture and Art, so by entrusting your work to our protection, you can be sure that you have made the right choice and made a very good decision.

In addition to the creators of audiovisual works, ZAPA also protects their producers. Producers, by registering with ZAPA, entrust us with the author's economic rights to the works they have produced, as well as related rights to videograms. Members of our organization are also those who have acquired copyrights to an audiovisual work through a contract with the producer, such as distributors.

ZAPA negotiates and collects the remuneration due to producers and other copyright holders (e.g. distributors). It then distributes the money received from the rights holders among its rights holders. For the most part, these are royalties from cable and satellite reemissions. Videogram producers additionally receive remuneration from blank media. These receivables can't be claimed by the rightsholders individually from the users, but only through the competent organization. It is enough to apply to us and entrust us with the management of the rights to their repertoire. To date, more than 733 major producers and several distributors have done so, entrusting us with a total of more than 70,653 works. We look forward to the others!

The audiovisual works protected by ZAPA are:

  • feature films and series,
  • films and documentary series,
  • animated films and series,
  • puppet films and series,
  • soap operas and sitcoms,
  • soap operas and paradocumentaries
  • TV theaters
  • fictionalized documentaries
  • fictionalized court reconstructions
  • scripted reality
  • 3D animations
  • soap operas
  • nature documentaries and series